Anonymous asked: "can you explain in detail why minorities living in impoverished areas is a direct result of racism?"



I feel like I don’t even need to explain why native americans, first nations, and generally the first people to actually live in an area live in poverty as a direct result of racism… I mean if you can’t figure that one out, buddy, then I don’t think any amount of my explaining would be able to help you.

Lets learn about the word: Redlining.

So redlining is this super cool thing for white people, or people on the top [usually white people] that the government, in the United States, totally endorsed, super well documented.

Why is redlining super cool for the oppressors? We will get to that, hopefully you’ll draw your own conclusions. 

Redlining in its strictly definitional sense, is the "arbitrarily" randomly out of the blue just denying people of basic services, loans, jobs, homes, etc. because the person doing the denying just felt like it. Now this “arbitrary” little act started to "arbitrarily"  attack people of color. 

Now in the 1930s there were these super cool New Deal FDR home act bullshit. Where veterans coming home from WWII, and people in general could get super cool loans to buy these sweet new houses in the fancy suburbs. Houses that they wouldn’t have dreamed to be able to afford without these cheap-ass home loans the bank was just dealing out. 

Now it’s a little known fact, you can google this yourself you lazy shits, that FDR was a huge racist, is a huge racist even. Man that guy hated them pesky "minorities."  So what did FDR do about this hate?

People set up these racist-ass maps of areas people lived in. They were literally color-coded, “black, and colored” areas done got redlined, meaning banks wouldn’t give people from those areas these sweet-ass new cheap home-loans saving all those poor white people struggle and hardship. How did the white people get the loans? Well they lived in green-lined areas, the white areas. 

Now who was the mastermind behind these maps and how was FDR involved? Home Owners’ Loan Corporation or (HOLC) for convenience–cause I don’t want to type out their shitty ass name. HOLC created this racist ass map, because they were huge racists. And because they had loan giving powers, they pretty much got to decide who lived where. Now banks and insurers adopted this sweet redlining policy, because they all hated minorities and to a lesser extent poor people as well. I mean it’s only a lesser extent because they fucking hated "coloreds." Then in like 1934 the Federal Housing Administration decided "Hey, fuck black people, and also anyone not white." And they, too, adopted that racist ass map, deciding who got a loan, and who got to live in the shittiest areas possible. 

Now, you can say that “maybe the white areas were just more affluent and it totally had nothing to do with race.” but you’d be completely fucking wrong. Cause remember, this is during the fucking GREAT DEPRESSION, the big one that was from like 1929 to 1939 fucking ten years of depression. Not to mention shittons of peoples husbands and sons and wives and daughters were dying in wars. So the majority of people were fucked. Just straight up fucked. They weren’t rich, the only thing those fuckers had going for themselves was that they were white enough to get home-loans to move to areas with good white people jobs. 

Everyone else got stuck in depression-like conditions …. to this day. Because no one, the government and people who fucking could, wanted to improve the already existing neighborhoods and houses–no it was all BUILD NEW HOMES LET WHITE PEOPLE LIVE THERE MAKE HOMES EXPENSIVE ONE NEEDS A LOAN FOR THE HOME ONLY WHITE PEOPLE CAN GET THE LOANS… YEAH! PERFECT WHITE HAVANA.

So people could be racist little shits and deny anyone living in the redlined [non-white] areas loans, jobs, services, rates, anything really, and it was COMPLETELY FUCKING LEGAL, HELL EVEN THE GOVERNMENT USED THE RACIST-ASS MAP! SO IT’S TOTALLY LEGIT RIGHT! C: C: C: ????

So what have we learned today:
a.k.a. TL;DR

  1. Racist maps were created by HOLC 
  2. FDR and Friends thought racism was a good idea and accepted the racist maps as god
  3. Shittons of expensive new homes were created during the depression
  4. In order to live in the new homes one needed a loan
  5. In order to get a loan you had to live in the white area of the racist map
  6. White people got home loans and created white paradise for them and their racist-ass families

I don’t want to get into white flight yet but if there are still questions I guess I can make a new post about white flight and how racism caused even more racism. WOW SHOCKING. 

Because y’all have been curious about redlining,

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